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Humans Need Space

A game made by @Ayxs (Programming, UI, A bit of art,  SFX) and @Bredera (Art, Music, Story, A bit of programming, SFX) for the Ludum Dare 42 jam based around the theme: Running out of space.


It is the year 2018 and the world population is around 7 Billion humans it is estimated that the Earth will perish when 10 Billion humans will inhabit the Earth.

You are a young astronaut and biologist, and you want to save the Earth by transferring them to other planets within the universe and use other conventional and unconventional ways to help you save the Earth!

For this feat you will be remembered!


W A S DMove your character around.
CTRLPick up people from Planets.
TABOpen overview.
MOUSEUse the mouse to select planets and actions.
LMBSelect Actions (obviously…).

Goal of the game



  • Use your own space ship to carry over people from earth to another planet
  • Use the actions available to you

Actions available

Transport Ship : Using this a portion of the people on earth will be sent via transport ship to the selected planet

Ballistic Missile : Using this will sent a missile to the selected planet and destroy it and its inhabitants, after some time a new uninhabited planet will spawn in.


In the Main Menu there is a complete tutorial explaining all the controls and the objectives of the game in full detail.


@Ayxs and myself (@Bredera) hope that you all will enjoy the game! We had a blast making this game and for our first 2D game ever made we are extremely proud of the end result.

If there are any bugs or improvements to be made let us know! 

Give it a go if you want!

(If there are any problems concerning the download please let us know, we will try to fix them. We didn't get to test the OS X and Linux version of the game....)


- Fixed the Story sprites at the beginning of the game to no longer be cropped out on smaller monitors.
- Increased the movement speed of the player, this should now also be equal on all frame rates (stupidly forgot to make it framrate independent...)
- Uploaded .zip files instead of .rar files for better accesability across all platforms.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 42, Space Sim
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


Humans Need Space! - Windows v1.1 34 MB
Humans Need Space! - OS X v1.1 38 MB
Humans Need Space! - Linux v1.1 55 MB

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