A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small story

You are doctor Frinklerstein he was working on his shrinking machine,

Which is a device he made which lets him shrink and grow objects, He calls it the Schrinkinator4999!

He worked together with the Secret Service Mainstand which is an alien orginization that is always after the newest and most dangerous technologies

they wanted to use his Shrinkinator 4999 for themselves and betrayed doctor Frinklerstein.

In a sneakattack they shrunk doctor Frinklerstein to the seize of an ant but they overlooked the fact that doctor Frinklerstein had the power cells for the shrinkinator 4999 with him.

Now it is the task of Doctor Frinklerstein to get back to the machine regrow himself and destroy it forever while being chased by the alien organization: Sercret Service Mainstand.


WASD/arrow keys for movement

There is controller support

Using the controls you have to overcome the obstacles of real life: like books and cobwebbs to get to the machine and regrow yourself whilst dodging alien scum and dangerous hazards.


Windows x64 25 MB
Windows x64_86 24 MB
Mac OSX Download 36 MB
Linux Download 34 MB